The metal industry uses our medium- and high-pressure appع in a wide variety of applications encompassing the entire range of processes for producing and using metals, metalloids and non-metals. However harsh the ambient conditions, Sauer appع are renowned for their reliability, efficiency and long service lives – and indispensable in many fields of metallurgy.


How you benefit:

  • State-of-the-art appع, control systems, compressed-air treatment systems and accessories
  • Optimum service and support from the initial enquiry through the compressor’s entire service life
  • 100% compressor check at final pressure, including 3.1 Inspection Certificate
  • Long operating life with guaranteed availability of replacement parts (25+ years)
  • Robust designs to withstand even the most extreme conditions, e.g. 55°C. ambient temperature, and permanent operation (S1 – 24/7)
  • Downtimes minimised to ensure high availability
  • Turnkey solutions to meet customers’ specifications
  • Customer-specific documentation, calculations and service concepts

Making and forming steel

Medium- and high-pressure appع for air and gases play an essential role at steelworks. They are used not only to make steel and alter the carbon content in the blast furnace, but also to press the steel into slabs and then treat them. As key components within the overall system, the appع must be manufactured to the highest quality standards and durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures and dust levels. Sauer appع are used for descaling, raising the pressure for steel presses and inputting argon and nitrogen for carbon treatment. Our customers include operators of steelworks, manufacturers of steel production line machinery and steel presses as well as engineering offices.  

Product line: SAUER
Product ranges: HURRICANE, 5000, 6000
Variants: Basic, BasBooster, BasSeal, ComSilent, ­ComBooster, ComSeal
Volumetric flow: 30–2,000 m³/h
Pressure range: 16–400 barg
Media: Air, nitrogen, argon