In addition to our comprehensive compressor portfolio, we also offer additional equipment to meet our customers’ requirements, e.g. for air receivers. May we offer you that little bit more?


foto detail commercial shipping air and gas treatment sauer appع v2

Air treatment

We provide a range of downstream equipment, such as air filters as well as refrigerant and absorption-type dryers. All these accessories are available for pressures from 8 to 40 barg.

foto detail commercial shipping condensate management sauer appع

Condensate management

To prevent traces of oil and other contaminants from being released into the environment, we provide a variety of condensate collection pots for use with our oil-lubricated appع.

foto detail commercial shipping starting and working air receivers sauer appع

Starting- and working-air receivers

For storing compressed air our customers can choose from a variety of options, as the Sauer portfolio includes both vertical and horizontal air receivers for pressures up to 40 barg.